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Mix Menu is an interactive menu platform that gives restaurants a new way to accept orders directly from the menu and manage the order process from any computer, tablet or phone.

How is it Free?
Mix Menu uses a membership based model that allows consumers to choose between paying a small fee on each order or become a VIP member for $19.99/year and never pay on ordering again, get exclusive discounts & more.

Why use Mix Menu?
It's currently easier to order from your kitchen table than from a restaurant table. DoorDash, Uber Eats and the like have made it simple to order take out & delivery with interactive menus. However, the moment we walk into a restaurant, that all changes. Mix Menu is here to fix that. Below are a few of the reasons we believe interactive menus are the future of restaurants.
Self-Checkout Menus
The world has moved to self checkout. From gas stations, banks, grocery stores, online shopping & more. Consumers have proven capable of doing things on their own. All they need is Mix Menu to make it simple for restaurants.
Reduced Labor Costs
Your guests will order directly from your menu instead of waiting for a team member to take their orders. Improving service and saving thousands of dollars each month on fewer team members and less time spent recruiting & hiring.
More Revenue
Great videos & photos highlighting your menu items entice guests to upgrade their purchases. Additionally, Mix Menu also allows your guests to add to their order at any time without needing to find an available server for help. Increasing revenue and improving service.
More Reliable
You'll no longer be reliant on which team members show up to work each day. Mix Menu can handle as many or as few guests as your restaurant is able to handle.
Instant Menu Changes
Restaurants can instantly change the prices on their menu in order to adjust to market price fluctuations. There's nothing to get printed. Price changes happen instantly. Just edit & save. This allows restaurants to keep up with inflation or move stale inventory.
Backup Plan
You'll have a back up plan during busy times or when team members call in sick. You'll always have Mix Menu to rely on when something goes wrong or your restaurant is overwhelmed.
Turn Tables Faster
Guests can order faster, so they'll finish faster. Shortening wait times, turning your tables and increasing revenue during your busiest times.
Upgrade Revenue
Mix Menu allows you to add upgrades to each menu item and set any price. You'll earn more revenue when a guest adds your upgrade to their order. You're free to be as creative as you want.
No App Required
Mix Menu works 100% in the browser on your phone or computer. There is no need to download an app. We may develop an app in the future, but that's not currently necessary.
Send Coupons & Discounts
Encourage your previous guests to return by offering them exclusive coupons & discounts. We'll give you the tools you need to send your guests special discounts & track them on Mix Menu.
To-Go Orders
Mix Menu handles to-go orders. Your guests can order from their car, at home, as they wait in line or anywhere else. You'll receive the order just as they ordered from a table, but highlighted as a to-go order.
Get Discovered
Mix Menu allows guests to favorite a restaurant or menu item and we display their favorites on their profile and across our platform. They can share their favorites with their friends, family & neighbors so they'll know what to order when they visit your restaurant.
Easy Repeat Orders
We save every guests order and let them re-order instantly - directly from the restaurant profile or theirs. The easier & faster we can make this for them, the more likely they'll become repeat customers.
No More Lines
Ordering with interactive menus allows guests to order from anywhere. In their car, on their way to the restaurant, at their table, at home and anywhere else they choose to order. There's no need to wait in line. Just open your phone and order.
No equipment to purchase
Mix Menu works on any phone or computer and there's no need to purchase more ipads, touch screens or anything else. Your guests already have $1,000 touch screen phones with them everywhere they go. There's nothing to purchase.
Network of Restaurants
Mix Menu is a network of restaurants…not just software. By joining the network, restaurants get instant access to guests in their area who’ve already used Mix Menu at other restaurants.
Get Feedback
Let guests give you feedback about their experience. Mix Menu will handle all feedback for you and send you everything you need to make improvements, communicate with the guest and even give them a gift card to come back.
Know Your Guests
Guests are able to give us their preferences, social profiles and more to help a restaurant know who they are the moment they walk in the door. This can help a restaurant build better relationships with each guest.
Data Analytics
Having more customer data allows a restaurant to make changes fast to their menu, experience & more. You'll have more data than before to understand what's working and what's not.

Features & Benefits:
Video Menus
With Mix Menu, you're able to upload multiple videos & photos to show off your menu items. Giving your guests everything they need to feel confident in their order.
Order Management
Our software keeps track of each order as it progresses through the order process. You'll be able to view & manage all orders as they go through the process.
Categories & Subcategories
Adding categories to your restaurant is very simple with Mix Menu. Once your categories are set, you can add subcategories to help your guests easily search and find what they're looking for. You'll be able to organize your categories in whatever order you choose.
We encourage creativity with your menu items and one way to do that is by creating bundles. "Happy Meals" instead of a small burger & fries. Bundles provide a better experience for your guests and an opportunity to generate more revenue for your restaurant.
Sale Items
Marking an item for sale on Mix Menu is easy. Simply set your retail price with a lower current price and it will be marked on sale. We'll highlight it on the menu and handle the rest from there.
Repeat Ordering
With the click of a button, your guests can instantly re-order from you. Giving them a fast & easy way to keep coming back to your restaurant.
One Click Ordering
We save access to every guests credit card information to be used for one-click ordering in the future. We do not save their credit card numbers, only the details required to charge their card upon their approval.
Scheduled Ordering
Guests are able to schedule an order with your restaurant. If they want to order in advance, they'll be able to put it on your schedule and pre-pay for everything. Helping them automate their life with your help.
Takeout & Pickup
Let your guests pickup their order for free. If you don't have a physical location, you can leave this option turned off.
Ask for Tips
Some businesses require tips to pay their staff and some don't. You'll have full control over whether you ask your guests to tip or not.
Set your Sales Taxes
When you create your restaurant, you'll be able to set your sales tax percentage required by your local government. We will send this revenue directly to you so you can pay your taxes accordingly.

Control your Delivery:
Delivery Team
You'll be able to add multiple team members to your restaurant that can earn tips & delivery fees directly from Mix Menu. They work for you and not Mix Menu. We'll handle the transaction and take care of everything from there.
Delivery Fees
Set your own delivery fees. You can charge any price per mile and set a minimum delivery fee as well. You're 100% in control of the delivery process.
Maximum Delivery Distance
You'll be able to limit how far you're willing to deliver. We'll automatically stop or cancel all deliveries over that distance.
Free Delivery Options
Mix Menu allows you to offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount or orders within a certain distance. For example, you can offer free delivery for orders over $100 or orders within 1 mile delivery.

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